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Conference Abstract
Observations on Cetoniidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) from Madagascar
expand article infoMichele Bellavista, Ignazio Sparacio§
‡ Unaffiliated, C. De Grossis 7, Palermo, Italy
§ Società Italiana di Malacologia, Via Principe di Paternò 3, Palermo, Italy
Open Access


The Madagascan cetoniid fauna is very diverse and strongly endemic – with ca. 330 endemic species (mostly Stenotarsiini), due to the ancient isolation of Madagascar in respect to continental Africa. The principal taxonomic group of the Stenotarsiini does not occur outside the region. In this work, taxonomic and ecological observations and a check-list of the Cetonidae of Madagascar are provided.

Presenting author

Michele Bellavista

Presented at

Vth International Congress on Biodiversity: „Taxonomy, Speciation and Euro-Mediterranean Biodiversity“

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