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LifeDNAquatic: A priori settings and refined pipelines of eDNA metabarcoding to generate "big data" for solid fish, mussel and amphibian SDMs
expand article infoMicaela Hellstrom, Kat Bruce§, Rein Brys|, Bernd Hänfling, David Halfmaerten#, Cuong Tang¤, Jessica Sjöstedt«, Martin Andersson», Marcus Öhman», Johan Spens˄
‡ MIX Research, Sweden, Uppsala, Sweden
§ Nature Metrics Ltd, Egham, United Kingdom
| INBO, Belgium, Belgium
¶ The University of Hull, Hull, United Kingdom
# Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO), Geraardsbergen, Belgium
¤ NatureMetrics Ltd, Egham, United Kingdom
« MoRe Research AB, Domsjö, Sweden
» AquaBiota Water Research AB, Stockholm, Sweden
˄ Limnordic AB, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
Open Access


Sound environmental management decisions - in accordance with the EU WFD for aquatic ecosystems – mainly depend on reliable species presence- and distribution- data.  Here we present a workflow from sampling strategies to results and decision making using eDNA metabarcoding analyses for fish, amphibians, and mussels from habitat to landscape scales with focus on sampling strategies for "big data" in marine and freshwater ecosystems in Sweden. The project LifeDNAquatic highlights a solid eDNA pipeline and comparison of methods, which cover field planning and the entire pipeline generating  data for Species Distribution Models (SDMs). Intense sampling over a large river catchment highlights previoulsy unanswered questionsand and provides insights to a priori settings for sampling strategies to retrieve "big data". The results provide novel insights to DNA distribution in the environment, seasonal and spatial changes in eDNA composition, and validation of data.


aquatic eDNA, metabarcoding, method validation, storage,"big data", landscape scale, Species Distribution Models, a priori, predictions, novel spatial and seasonal eDNA distribution, mussels, amphibians, marine, wetland, lentic, lotic

Presenting author

Dr Micaela Hellström, MIX Research

Presented at

1st DNAQUA International Conference (March 9-11, 2021)

Funding program

Swedish Environmental Agency ,  Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management call: "eDNA anayses as a method for national environmental monitoring programs"  2019-2021

Grant title


Hosting institution

AquaBiota Water Research AB

Ethics and security


Author contributions

MH, KB, JN, BH, RB, DH concept, field design and method comparison design, analysis, writing, 

MH, KB, JS, JeS, MA - fieldwork

CT, JeS - eDNA extractions

CT - Metabarcoding and NGS, NGS data analysis

JoS - background data, species distribution analysis

MÖ - discussions, administrative coordinator

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