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Conference Abstract
Jugatala cribelliger (Berlese, 1904) a new oribatid mite species for the Romanian fauna
expand article infoIoana Nae, Augustin Ion Nae, Mark Maraun§
‡ Romanian Academy, ”Emil Racovitza” Institute of Speleology, Bucharest, Romania
§ Georg-August-University Göttingen,, Göttingen, Germany
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Jugatala cribelliger (Berlese, 1904) = Mycobates (Calyptozetes) cribelliger Subias, 2004 was found for the first time in the Romanian fauna. The species was identified using Electronic Microscope images. The species has an unknown habitat (Fischer and Schatz 2013) and is distributed in Northern Italy—Prov. Bolzano, Trento; Austria, Switzerland—Grisons; Iberian Peninsula. The specimen was collected form MSS (Mesovoid Shallow Substratum) from Piatra Craiului Mountains, Central Carpathians, Romania, in drillings used for sampling the alpine scree from Marele Grohotis, at an altitude of 1579 m. The combination of following characters of adults is considered as diagnostic features for Jugatala: rostrum rounded; lamella narrow to wide, with cuspides and translamella; lamellar cuspides without lateral and median dens or with minute lateral dens; bothridium cup shaped; sensillus with capitate or clavate head, rounded distally; tutorium narrow, with cusp pointed distally; notogaster with pteromorphs curved ventrally, line of desclerotization absent; lenticulus present or absent; 10 or 11 pairs of notogastral setae, dp present or absent; four to seven pairs of notogastral porose areas; six pairs of genital setae; all legs heterotridactylous; tibia I with dorsodistal apophysis bearing solenidion φ2; seta l” of tibiae and genua I–IV thick, heavily barbed (Bayartogtokh and Schatz 2008).

With a distribution in Central and south-western Europe, Jugatala cribelliger (Berlese, 1904) is first recorded in the Carpathians, from Piatra Craiului Mountains in MSS, a subterranean environment.


Jugatala cribelliger, oribatid mite, new species, MSS, electronic microscopy, Carpathians

Presenting author

Ioana Nae

Presented at

The 25th International Conference on Subterranean Biology


The authors would like to thank Dr. Roy A. Norton from State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry and Dr. Heinrich Schatz from University of Innsbruck, Institute of Zoology for confirming the species and to Dorothea Hause- Reitner from Gӧttingen University, Institute of Geology for the SEM images.


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