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International Dormice Conference 2022
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Edited by Pat Morris, Nedko Nedyalkov, Svetlana Miteva, Rimvydas Juškaitis, Boris Kryštufek, Peter Adamik, Sandro Bertolino, Joanna Fietz, Sven Büchner, Alice Mouton

The International Dormice Conference (IDC) is being organized every three years to gather for five days scientists and conservationists to share findings and ideas on the research and conservation of the dormouse species. The conference includes a field trip, providing the opportunity to get acquainted with the local species ecology and habitats in different areas, as well as to build contacts with colleagues working on dormice species around the world.

The 11-th International Dormice Conference takes place in Bulgaria for at least two reasons; to raise awareness and attention for the research and conservation of the recently rediscovered in Bulgaria the Mouse- tailed dormouse (Myomimus roachi) – a species with restricted distribution, occurs only on the Balkans and western Anatolia; and to involve more researchers and conservationists from Eastern Europe.

Holding the IDC 2022 in Bulgaria underlines once again the importance of Balkans and the Eastern Europe for the conservation of the European mammalian diversity.

IDC 2022 is organised by The Habitat Foundation and The National Museum of Natural History - Sofia, part of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and kindly supported by many other organisations and persons.

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