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CABMR 2023: Resilience and Cybersecurity
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Edited by Phillip A. Cartwright

The Ascencia Center for Applied Business and Management Research – CABMR – is an applied research center in management and business administration, affiliated with Ascencia Business School, a private higher education institution and a founding member of Collège de Paris.

The term "resilience" is widely used and defined differently across various disciplines. In business and management, resilience refers to the ability of individuals, organizations, or systems to quickly return to normal functioning after a significant disruption. On the other hand, "cybersecurity" involves the use of technologies and best practices to protect critical systems and sensitive information from evolving threats. In today's rapidly changing environment, improving cybersecurity and resilience requires extensive knowledge, expertise in diverse fields, and continuous learning for organizations, communities, and nations. 

It is within this context that the CABMR is organizing its first colloquium on March 9th, 2023, at the ISF campus, La Défense, Paris, France ; with the aim of further exploring the interdisciplinary crossroad of «Resilience and Cybersecurity». 

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit previously unpublished contributions related to resilience and/or cybersecurity at its different levels of individual, team/group, organizations, projects, societies, etc. and within its different aspects and contexts; including but not limited to COVID-19 impact, social unrests, natural disasters, wartime, financial recession, disruptive technologies, etc.

Studies that demonstrate how different mechanisms interact would be of particular interest, as would proposals examining the antecedents and consequences of multiple mechanisms.  The submissions can focus on any related topic and are open to all types of research methods. Researchers, professionals, practitioners, and students are all welcome to attend or participate to this event, in person or online, whether presenting a paper or not. 

Communication proposals are to be submitted via the present platform in the form of an abstract of 1 to 2 pages written in English; in which the problematic, the methodology and the expected results are clearly highlighted. The deadline for submission is on 5/02/2023. Decision of acceptance or refusal of the proposals will be finalized by 13/02/2023.

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