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BIOTIC INDICES & METRICS - New trends in bioassessment of aquatic ecosystems: from organisms to DNA-based metrics
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Edited by Maria Kahlert, Jan Pawlowski, Alex Weigand, Agnès Bouchez, Florian Leese

Traditionally, the biological quality of aquatic ecosystems is assessed using selected groups of organisms that can be identified morphologically. Recent advances in high-throughput genomic approaches offered new opportunities to monitor biodiversity and assess ecological status using DNA barcoding and metabarcoding. The DNA-based tools have been used in three different ways: (1) to replace morphological identification of biological quality elements in existing biotic indices, (2) to develop new molecular indices based on morphologically inconspicuous groups of potential environmental indicators, and (3) to predict biotic indices from environmental DNA datasets using machine learning methods. During this session, we will present these different approaches and discuss their advantages and challenges in view of their future application in routine bioassessment.

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